How Can Help You Track and Prove Your Communication with Clients

As a real estate agent, communication is essential for your success. You have to communicate well with your clients, your colleagues, and other parties in a transaction. You also have to follow the rules and regulations of your industry, and prevent any potential legal problems that may come from miscommunication or misinformation.

But communication in real estate can be difficult, especially in today's dynamic and competitive market. You may encounter various communication challenges, such as:

• Unclear or deceptive language

• Inconsistent or incorrect information

• Lack of openness or disclosure

• Mismatch of expectations or interests

• Conflict of interest or ethical issues

These communication challenges can have serious impacts on your reputation, your relationships, and your income. They can also expose you to legal risks, such as lawsuits, fines, or sanctions.

For instance, a recent class action lawsuit against the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and several major brokerages questions the practice of sellers paying buyer agents' commissions. The plaintiffs argue that this practice breaks antitrust laws and increases home prices. They also say that agents are not properly trained or informed about how to communicate with their clients about commissions.

The lawsuit shows the importance of clear and honest communication in real estate transactions. As an agent, you have to explain to your clients how commissions work, how they influence the transaction, and what choices they have. You also have to negotiate with other agents and parties on behalf of your clients, while respecting their best interests and preferences.

But how can you prove that you have communicated well with your clients? How can you show that you have followed the rules and regulations of your industry? How can you avoid any disputes or misunderstandings that may come from communication?

This is where can help you. is a platform that enables online property transactions for estate agents, buyers and sellers. With, you can:

• Offer your clients a convenient and secure way to make private offers, get live transaction notifications, upload documents, download legal documents and even digitally exchange contracts.

• Streamline and simplify your property sales process, saving you time and money.

• Provide your clients with more transparency and control over their transactions, increasing their trust and satisfaction.

• Showcase your professionalism and expertise, enhancing your reputation and credibility.

• Stay ahead of the competition and the changing market trends, boosting your performance and growth.

But that's not all. also has a unique feature that can help you track and prove your communication with your clients. has a log of all communications issued by the platform, so you can see if a user received a notification, when they got it, when they opened it, and when they clicked any links. The idea is that if a dispute arises later over communication, you can point to the log to back up what you did. The idea is that if a dispute arises later over communication, you can point to the log to back up what you did.

For example, if a buyer claims that they did not receive an email about an offer deadline, you can check the log and see if they actually did. If they did receive the email but did not open it or click any links, you can show them the evidence and explain why they missed the opportunity.

By using's communication log feature, you can:

• Avoid any confusion or miscommunication with your clients.

• Provide proof of your actions and intentions in case of any disputes or complaints.

• Resolve any issues or problems quickly and efficiently.

• Maintain a positive relationship with your clients and other parties.

• Protect yourself from any legal risks or liabilities. is more than just an offer management tool. It is a communication solution that can help you communicate better with your clients and other parties in real estate transactions. By using's communication log feature, you can track and prove your communication with your clients, while complying with the rules and regulations of your industry. is designed to help you succeed in real estate. Whether you are selling a single property or managing a large portfolio, can help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.

If you want to learn more about how can help you communicate better in real estate transactions, contact us today for a free demo. We would love to show you how can transform your business.


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