What is beagel?

Beagel is an enterprise, white-labeled, offer submission and management solution. 

It connects buyers, sellers, their agents and their teams live with digital offers.

This enable real estate brokerages and agents to be open for business whenever their customers needs them, 24 hours a day.

Beagel puts the agent at the core of an "always on" business.

Client branded

The fully branded, open-api, microservices, back-end sales solution is invisible to the consumer user. It also allows for the creation of groups, or teams, management of individual offices from a central admin, individual agent profiles, and control of a widely flexible customer-facing offer submission and management module.

Offers from anywhere

The offer-submission system can be launched from any brokerage’s listing pages or individual property websites and landing pages connected to marketing campaigns. 

Tightly integrated

What is unique is the method of delivery, in essence disappearing behind the brokerage’s CMS, through code tightly woven into a clients backend.

Demonstrate commitment to equality. 
Managing multiple offers with diverse conditions is already a challenging task. However, the additional complexity of ensuring fair treatment for all consumers further exacerbates the situation. In fact, discrimination, identified by the NAR as the third most significant issue in the market, intensifies the difficulties faced by real estate professionals.

  • Centralisation.  All offers in the one place so everyone is treated impartially.
  • Transparency.  Backing up what you say with an audit trail builds consumer confidence.
  • Trust.  Real time communication with consumers lets them know your commitment to openness.
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Technology isn't replacing agents

Agents with technology are replacing agents without technology.
The agent that takes offers 24-hours a day, while keep the seller immediately updated, has a clear competitive advantage.

Digital offers is an evolution in the way agents transact real estate around the world

Consumers have changed, and the industry has to change with them.

This change will either come from the inside or the outside.

What can the industry do to compete?

Selling a home is a highly complex task. Agents deserve the best tools.


Enterprise level technology

Advanced functionality, increased security, scalability and control for high stakes real estate transactions, resulting in improved efficiency and user satisfaction.

Features include

Powerful bidder management

This powerful tool allows you to easily manage and organize all of your bidders in one place. With our intuitive interface, you can view bidder information, track bidding activity, manage bidder permissions and access with ease.

Data rich heatmaps

The ultimate tool for visualizing your sales data. With this intuitive and interactive tool, you can instantly see where your sales are coming from and identify trends in your customer base. Use it to optimize your sales strategy, allocate resources and make data-driven decisions.

Intuitive dashboard

With our intuitive interface, you'll be able to your offers, saving time and increasing revenue. Get real-time data insights, track performance and optimize efforts

Deep integrations

Every business is different thats why we ensure you can make our technology work the way you want it to.  With open-API and extensive, easy to read documentation, you can get the product you want, the way you want it.

Have it your own way

Your brand is important.  With beagel you get the product you want, the way you want it; quickly and efficiently. Tailor your customers experience to fit your own design and business practices.
With customisable rules, automated offers, CRM integration, reporting and analytics, customisable branding features, buyer permissions, and buyer activation authority, agencies can create a platform that meets their unique needs and delivers results in the competitive real estate market.

Frequently asked questions

Beagel is the only white label, open-api, microservices, real estate software that enables brokers, agents, teams, agencies, brokerages and brands to be open for business 247 and co-ordinate live.  Because beagel is multi-stage and multi-tier, it gives everyone real-time visibility into the business. Neither a portal, a CRM or an online estate agent, beagel is a real estate bidding engine.
Built by agents for agents, decades of industry knowledge have gone in to ensure clients get what they need. Over $3bn of offers have been powered by beagel technology.

Absolutely not.  Agents remain in control as they should.  What this does is digitise and centralise what already exists in a fragmented offline system.  Agents and their clients determine:
◯ Terms & Conditions of Sale
◯ Asking Prices
◯ Marketing Periods
◯ Viewing Arrangements
◯ Who Can See Offers
◯ Who Can Place Offers
◯ Terms of Offer Acceptance

White-label means no beagel consumer branding - none.  No logo, no name on anything consumer facing.  That relationship is sacrosanct, that's why all communication with buyers and sellers is controlled and branded by agents.
As we have no consumer facing brand, we allow our clients to connect and deploy the technology in a way that suits them best.  That's open-API. 
Every business and every market is different. That's why we provide a range a services that you can use, or not use, depending on what you're particular business demands. Hence micro-services.  There's no "one size fits all" in this industry.
In short, open-API white label microservices provide organizations with a flexible and scalable way to integrate and customize software solutions, helping them to improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and provide better experiences for their customers.

No.  Agents determine how deposits are handled.  Most use their own Clients/Escrow Account.

No.  Commissions are hard earned.  Your job is to get the best price for your client and we respect that.  To find out more go to our pricing page.

Yes, you can deploy digital offers wherever you wish. We will work with you to do so.  Digital offers make your website transactional.  In fact, digital offers can be deployed on multiple websites simultaneously. So if the brand has one website, the brokerage has another and the agent has yet another, beagel will synchronise everything - live.

Agents remain completely in control.  Our easy to use dashboard lets you accept any offer at any time, when you and your client choose.

No.  The selling agent determines what level of transparency to provide into the sale.

The selling agent.  You know the sale, you determine who's most suitable.  You know the criteria and internal processes, we just help you do this in a more efficient manner.

No.  Agents determine what documentation is required from buyers and sellers.  If you already use a third-party application for this, it can be connected to beagel.


Best in class


Provide best in class product built in accordance to cutting edge industry requirements.




Every business is different.  Create a product that suits you. Provide your own digital service, and start winning more sales. You also reinforce your own brand and reputation.


Customer focussed


Buyers and sellers are your customers.  That's why we have no consumer presence. They're your customers, you're our customer.

Open- API

More convenient, accessible, customizable and integratible technology to meet individual users needs.

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