Powering digital property sales

Close sales faster and deepen client relationships with world-class digital transaction technology.

Can online bidding help your estate agency?

Running an estate agency is a challenge

Even for agents with years of experience never mind newer agents.
If you’re constantly juggling ongoing sales, you haven’t the time or the headspace to concentrate on building your future.
You're too busy working in your business to work on your business.

Thousands of homebuyers trust Beagel technology to place bids and buy property

Beagel provides a simple and easy to use application that enables estate agents to operate professional online property sales with no prior experience.
Neither a portal, an auction company, CRM or an online estate agent, Beagel is a real estate bidding engine.
Our innovative technology gives estate agents an edge over their competition by bringing their business online.
Your time is valuable, spend it growing your agency.


Framework of services

We bring together everything required to sell real estate globally.

Easy to use

Beagel technology lowers cost and allows clients to get to market sooner.  All users can remain native in their own applications with functionality for multiple stakeholder tiers.

Market proven

Beagel is a dedicated online bidding platform providing mature and fully tested online bidding capability.


Powerful APIs

With minimal changes to client facing systems, the Microsoft supported tech stack is designed to be integrated with other 3rd party solutions so you can have the Best in Class service without having “reinvent the wheel”


User friendly

Beagel technology seemlessly integrates into your current work practices.
All users can remain native in their own applications with functionality for multiple stakeholder tiers.

How it works

Beagel technology is built on the experience of 1,000's of users.


List property

When agents add a property to Beagel, immediate notification is sent to buyers who are interested in similar property.


Screen bidders

Visitors to the agents website can now register, see any current offers and get immediate update of offers.  Agents get immediate notification and can then screen the customer. Once the agent is satisfied that the customer is genuine, they can now bid.


Make offers

When an offer is made on the property, everyone in the chain knows immediately.  Agents, underbidders, sellers and viewers.  Underbidders can log in and see confirmation of the offer and decide to make another offer on their own.


Close sales

When the seller is happy with an offer, the agent can immediately notifiy all bidders that the sale is closing.  Bidders can then decide to continue or let the property go.  Once the offer is accepted, everyone in the chain knows the bidding has ceased.

Gain competitive advantage

In a world of ever growing expectations, speed becomes the competitive advantage.

No more lost opportunities

Beagel ensures everyone who has expressed an interest in your property knows what’s happening – live, so you get the best price.

Connect remote teams

Beagel technology ensures everyone involved in the sale knows what's happening, no matter where they are - live.
Keep your entire team in the loop without even trying.


Unique algorithms monitor users behaviour to ensure bad actors are easily identified.


See the property's entire bid history before even making an offer.


Get immediate notification of every offer.  Log in to see who made the bid.

In the media

Beagel technology is widely regarded as transforming the property sector. See how the media is reacting to what we do.