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Beagel is the engine that powers digital real estate transactions. Deepen client relationships and open new revenue streams with our award winning technology.

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"Beagel Partner Program is for ambitious businesses that want to provide cutting edge bidding services to their real estate clients.

Integrate our cutting edge, multi tier, multi stakeholder applications into your product.

Let us provide you with award winning, highly efficient and innovative digital transaction technology so you can focus on the complete solution for your clients."

Healy Hynes - Beagel CEO

Our partners build technology that brings property professionals online

Partnering with Beagel is the fastest way to let estate agents or property developers who use your platform accept offers. Client branded, core property transaction infrastructure.

Cross monetisation

A longer digital engagement mean more opportunity for monetisation.  Buyers may not be interested in insurance when starting, but they will be at close.

Pre-empt unforseen events

The way business have to operate can change in a heartbeat. Ensure clients' working processes are unaffected by unforeseen “black swan” events. 


Better data

Real-time / instant data offers unprecedented clarity on the live market all while connecting remote teams, instantaneously.

Better customer support

Digitising the customer journey doesn’t mean you lose the human connection. In an always on world, speed of response deepens relationships.

Scalable architecture
Beagel Enterprise is built and hosted on Microsoft Azure and uses the latest technology to provide unparalleled features and services. 


Your success is our success
We appreciate that Beagel powers a core function of estate agents lives. We are ready, willing and able to be an engine of success. Beagel is committed to continual improvement. We listen to our partners to constantly rethink how we can help agents. We value long-term relationships that are profitable for partners, Beagel and end-user alike.

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