Real estate customer experience is a pain

Offers are frustrating, fragmented & inefficient.


Beagel creates more transparent & trustable sales.


Beagel makes real estate websites transactional.

What is Beagel?

Beagel lets real estate professionals take, manage & communicate offers through their websites; connecting everyone in real-time, digital property transactions.


Live offers built into real estate websites

Seamless customer experience for buyers



Your custom Beagel offer application gives buyers clarity when making offers and helps you efficiently manage every sale

No more double entries.

Live transaction information.

No stress from customers.

Live offer updates.

No confusion.

Better customer experience.

No consumer branding.

24/7 offers & counter offers.

Faster sales.

Higher sales completion.

Greater transprency.

Improved consumer trust.

Equip your team with best-in-class technology and provide the ultimate customer experience