Invisible digital offers that let your brand shine

Improve customer service, unlock more listings, generate more revenue.

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Fully customisable, integrated digital offers that disappears behind your brand.

Edmund Keith

"Instant data like that from Beagel offers unprecedented clarity on the live market all while connecting remote teams, instantaneously."

Edmund Keith

Online Marketplaces

Edel McCabe

"Beagel is an innovative solution that brings transparency & new dynamics to property bidding. The bidding platform is a great solution and should be considered by all Estate Agents. It's cost-efficient & easy to implement."

Edel McCabe

EMC Agency

Craig C Rowe

"Beagel's custom offer management is more than it promises. Beagel doesn’t really want you to know who they are. In other words, the company provides a fully branded back-end sales solution that is invisible to the outside user."

Craig C Rowe


Market-validated digital offers for real estate industry leaders

Technology that elevates the way real estate transactions are conducted.

Stand out from the competition and attract more sellers.


Real-time transaction and agent performance data.


Give yourself the edge you need to attract more agents & sales.


Discover how advanced real estate offer management system seamlessly integrates with MLS platforms, provides tailored franchise solutions and empowers portal providers.

For sellers

Reduce the stress and uncertainty of the home selling process.

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Enterprise grade, white-label, open-api, microservices offer technology speeds up the transaction, provides greater trust in the process, improves customer service and provides greater insights to business owners.



Tell us about your business & we'll tell you if we we can help.


We work with your team to ensure you get what you want.


Congratulations, you've taken the step to growing your business. 
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