The engine behind real estate transactions

"Beagel empowers estate agencies to compete in a digital world by allowing homebuyers to see, make and counter offers 24-hours a day." 

Healy Hynes - Beagel CEO

Technology isn't replacing agents

Agents with technology are replacing agents without technology.
The agent that takes offers 24-hours a day, while keep the seller immediately updated, has a clear competitive advantage.

Consumers have changed, and the industry has to change with them. Technology has made every industry more efficient & economical; now is the time real estate changes.

This change will either come from the inside or the outside. The industry gets to choose. Over $10bn a year is now being spent by outsiders to disrupt the world's largest asset class - real estate.

What can the industry do to compete? It's time to evolve. Evolution however is not about letting go of the old, but adapting it to a changed environment.

Digital offers is an evolution in the way agents transact real estate around the world. After all, just because it’s the way things are, doesn’t meant it’s they way things have to be.

€3 Billion

+  bids process

Over €3BN of bids have been made using Beagel.  

10,000 +


People from all walks of life and all age groups have used Beagel technology.
There's no steep "learning curve".


completion rate

Because of greater transparency, bidders using Beagel are more likely to complete.  Less lost sales.



We all read stories about phantom bidders, gazumping, gazundering.
Using Beagel means you you can pursue your dream home with confidence.



Up to 1/3 of house sales fall through, resulting in huge amounts of stress and wasting hundreds of millions of euro a year.  Sales powered by Beagel close 99% of the time.


Supporting professionals

Beagel technology gives professionals a clear competitive advantage all whilst providing access to an otherwise unreachable data set.

Not an estate agent

Selling a home is a highly complex task. Beagel supports agents by listening to their experiences and providing the right tools at the right time.

Buyer control

Beagel technology ensures buyers can only make offers when the agents allows them to.

Scaleable cloud

As a Microsoft partner company, you benefit from increased stability, reliability, security and supportability.

Commission free

We respect the agents commssion.  That's why Beagel has a revenue model that's based on the number of users, not their income.

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