Homebuying research is digitised

The HSBC Beyond the Bricks report shows that the research phase of homebuying is already digitised. 89% recent home owners looked for available properties online, 86% searched online for house prices and 70% went online to help research where they would like to live. It’s at this point however that the “digital split” occurs.


Customer connect with agents online

According to the same study, 59% of recent home buyers started talking to or equally talked to an estate agent online.
Beagel technology connects this next link in the transaction chain.


Dealing with people is a pain

The HSBC study also showed that 66% found dealing with the people and negotiating the price the  most stressful part of the home buying process.

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Charlie Nunn

Charlie Nunn HSBC: Beyond The Bricks

“The process of buying a home will change beyond recognition in the coming years.
It will be a more streamlined transaction, with buyers and sellers having greater control and relying much more on technology.”

James Dearsley

James Dearsley Proptech Expert: Beyond The Bricks

"The traditional role of the estate agent is ripe for reinvention.
For the traditional estate agent,
this means a radical redefining of their role to become a technology provider and expert adviser.

Mike DelPrete

Mike DelPrete: Emerging Models In Real Estate

“Home sellers still want someone to hold their hand. Real estate agents aren’t going anywhere.
Even with the advent of technology that could, in theory, replace agents, consumers still prefer to work with them.” 

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