Enterprise Grade

 Bidding technology built around your brand



“Plug-and-play” product for your business

Cutting edge technology seamlessly tailored to suit your brand.


Fully customisable

Built to suit your business, not the other way around.  Beagel allows you to  have the Best in Class service without having “reinvent the wheel”


Increase efficiency

Our data shows consistently higher levels of bids with minimal disruption to Agents´ work practices. Real-time / instant data from Beagel offers unprecedented clarity on the live market all while connecting remote teams, instantaneously.

Flat licence fee


No percentage fees


Multi-tier stakeholder functionality


Easy integration


Complete content control


Range of reporting functionality


Propriatary behavioural algorithims


Integrated with own website


Integrate with multiple CRMs


Multi-platform notifications


Using Beagel allows clients to launch their own digital bidding solution based on cutting edge technology, without having to get caught up in costly development and maintenance.

All technical issues, are taken care of.  As a result, agents receive a best in class product built in accordance to cutting edge industry requirements.

Beagel allows you to create a unique product, launch your own digital service, and start winning more sales. You also reinforce your own brand and reputation.

Beagel is a ready-made, fully tailored solution that make digital sales simple. Through partnership with Beagel, estate agents get to the market faster and provide customers with a solution immediately.

Furthermore, the client experience is fully customisable.  You're in complete control at every stage. 

Building your own product from scratch, will cost you time and money training existing employees or recruiting new in-house talents. Apart from designing, prototyping and development, crucial resources will also be spent testing, not to mention the expenditure required to support ongoing development.  By using Beagel, you save massively.

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